Video Options

Video Options

We can provide a vast range of shots from 360-degree detailed orbits to wide sweeping panoramas. We also offer tracked A2B shots and specialise in vertical video for that dramatic look. We are happy to film day or night to suit your requirements.


Filmed in 4K Ultra, our video is highly detailed and smooth. Our experienced aerial camera operators film at professional bit rates and deliver the footage unedited. However, we do make sure everything is straightened, motion tracked and colour corrected, ready for immediate use.


Video is the perfect media for showcasing your development, building or event. We work to your direction, creating the shots you require, but also making sure we include the local infrastructure and transport links.

Our video is so clear, detailed and steady that we’ve been commissioned to shoot scenes for movie productions destined for the big screen.

Aircraft Choice

When it comes aircraft choice, the helicopter is the perfect machine. It allows a vast range of shots to be achieved, including hovering close ups, low tracking shots, A2B, wide sweeping shots and even vertical.

We can also operate at night to provide a sparkling colourful, awe-inspiring stabilised 4K video at a fraction of the cost of other operators.

Outside London, we operate from either a single engine helicopter (R44/66) or from a Cessna aircraft. Whilst we are more limited using the Cessna (as it doesn’t hover) the video is still stunning and the savings are significant.

With the helicopter, we have the flexibility to achieve shots that are slow or even stationary and, as helicopters are permitted to operate lower over London, this adds to the portfolio of different shots we can achieve.

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