Aerial Safety & Certification

Safety is critical

Safety is a critical part of planning any aerial photography mission and something we take very seriously. All our aerial photographers have been trained to operate within a strict safety policy. This ensures the safety of the crew, the aircraft, and the public we fly over.

Our flight crew training includes instruction in Cockpit Resource Management (CRM), together with safety harness operation and camera/equipment flight security. As new equipment is introduced or developed, we liaise with the aircraft/helicopter operators to establish the correct and safest way to secure both the equipment and operator, whilst operating within CAA guidelines.

Our flight training also includes airport airside and aircraft/helicopter awareness/emergency training.

Since we navigate and direct our aircraft across the whole of the country, a full understanding of aeronautical charts and UK airspace is also required. This is essential for planning the flight in the safest, most economical way and to conduct all our flights legally. On occasions we are asked to undertake work that is outside the ‘norm’. An example is the photography of oil rigs in the North Sea. For such work, additional survival and aircraft ditching and evacuation training is provided.

We also work overseas. This brings its own issues, such as additional regulations or local flight restrictions. In order to fully comply, we liaise with local operators and civil aviation/security authorities.