Aerial Photography – Have It Flown

Having your site flown and photographed by us is easy and has a number of significant benefits:

Having your site newly flown and photographed by us is easy and has a number of significant benefits:

  • The imagery we provide will be bespoke to you and right up to date. 
  • It is ‘directed’ by you, so we photograph exactly what you need in the best weather conditions available.
  • We provide at least 30-40 high resolution images per site.
  • Larger file sizes as standard and Ultra-high-resolution imagery available on request.
  • Choice of standard Jpeg files or RAW format if required.
  • Highly competitive pricing, with discounts for multiple sites.
  • Unlimited usage licence.

We have over 25 years of aerial photography experience Our photographers are accredited (BIPP & MPA) and we work with some of the top and most experienced pilots in the business to provide you with the very best aerial photography available.

We use both aircraft and helicopters depending on your requirements and budget. In London we are obliged use aircraft and helicopters with twin engines as directed by the CAA to improve safety. Out of London we use aircraft from airports local to your site; this saves positioning costs and allows us to be very competitive with our pricing.

We only use the best professional camera systems and top-quality professional lenses to bring you unbelievably clear, crisp and detailed digital imagery that’s sure to impress.

With prices starting from £495 per site outside London and from £895 in London, plus discounts for multiple orders, even the price isn’t a problem.

Simply email the site details and we’ll send you a free quote. Once you’re happy, just instruct us to go ahead and we’ll do the rest– it’s as simple as that!

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