London Aerial Library

Our London aerial photo library is second to none.

We have one of the most up-to-date London collections available and, using our unique referencing system, we can find the images you need in seconds. What’s more, the images in the aerial library have been processed, colour balanced and straightened, so they are ready to use.

The London Aerial Photo Library covers the whole of Greater London inside the M-25 and includes both up-to-date and historical data. Most of our library images also include GPS data, ideal for the creation of CGI. This allows position data to be calculated from our aerial library images so that CGI models can be created at the correct angle of view.

We fly into London every week to add the latest views of our ever-changing city landscape to the library.

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Office and Flight Ops: 01353 649998

Library Enquiries: 07780 628487

Office Mobile: 07733 098555

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