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Plane Crazy – by Mel Lewis

Sitting in a very small twin engine aeroplane where one side of it is against your shoulder and the door an arm’s length away is not everyone’s idea of a fun afternoon. I say “the door” but in fact there is no door which means you are able to look at the ground 2000 feet … Read more

Where On Earth?

Think you know London? All the following images are taken in London, many are famous landmarks taken from an unusual angle – how many can you name? Answers below if you need them!

London Underground Rail Survey

You might think that conducting an aerial survey of the London underground lines would be a non-starter as they are underground, but surprisingly a large percentage are in fact above ground. Above All Images have been asked to provide overlapping vertical images of the lines at very high resolution so that engineers can analyse the … Read more

London Night Time Aerial Photography

On occasions we get asked to provide something outside the ‘normal’ aerial image and this job was one of those times. We were asked to provide a very high resolution dusk image of the London skyline taking in Tower Bridge to the east and St Paul’s to the west, a very wide area indeed. The … Read more

Above All Images in the cloud!

By utilising the cloud products now available we have begun to migrate the business into a cloud based model. This will enable us to service client requirements, conduct library searches, provide image delivery and client management from anywhere we have internet access rather than being tied to the physical office.  Shared email will further enhance … Read more

London from the Air

Offers view of the capital which includes the new Wembley, the Gherkin and developments in Docklands. This work includes photographs that capture London’s famous landmarks in the West End, the City, the South Bank, Docklands and the suburbs.

Football Grounds from the Air

Football Grounds from the Air offers aerial views of Britain’s leading football stadiums, together with a history of each ground and the useful facts and figures about each club. This book includes every ground in the Premier League, the Championship, Leagues 1 and 2 and the Scottish Premier League – together with Wembley, Hampden Park … Read more

Cricket Grounds from the Air

Over the years many book have been published which focus on the cricket grounds of the U.K. Some, such as George Plumptre’s “Homes of Cricket” have focussed on the history of each county ground, whilst William Powell’s “Cricket Grounds: Then and Now” has looked instead at how the venues have changed over time, using a … Read more

Aerial Photography Books

Above All Images are proud to be working with Myriad Publishing to produce some of the best aerial photography books available. The books are hardback with 128 pages of full colour and are available from Tesco, Amazon, Waterstones, WH Smith and other good bookstores. There are now 25 titles with signed copies available on request. … Read more