New Aerial Video Stock Site

You may have noticed that we’ve launched our new website.

It’s what our customers have been asking for – aerial video stock.


The site can also be found at:-

Now for the first time there’s a site where you can select and buy realistically priced stunning aerial video. Video that’s ready to use, up to date and in whatever format you need from basic web to full HD running at 50 frames per second.

There’s more – the video is stabilised!

Filmed with a state of the art aerial stabilisation system of our own design the video is rock solid and at 50 frames per second it’s liquid smooth.


So what does it cost? 

Less that you might imagine and a fraction of the cost of the larger stock libraries. The video is offered in clips from 5 seconds to around 40. You choose the clip you need, we price it on the length of the clip in seconds. But we also make allowance for the usage, so you can exactly match the downloaded video to your requirements.


Need it right now?

No problem, the whole system is on-line, 24 hours a day, worldwide. You can view, save your favourites to a light box, then select the ones you want to buy and download immediately. We even show pricing in GBP/USD/EUROS. Payment is taken by our PayPal account and full vat receipts are sent to you along with the video.


There’s more!

We’ve also included some specialist aerial photo libraries. Designed to make searching for that ‘special’ image easier. Or if you need something different then have a browse through the abstract images, some of those will get you thinking!

We’ve also got plans to include other subjects on the site. Such as football stadiums and the U.K.’s natural beauty.


Please help us!

As we are only a small company, it’s an enormous help if you can ‘share’ the site with colleagues, the more the site is successful – the more we can offer you!


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