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New Aerial Video GoPro Mini-Rig – Tested

This video of the Danesfield Hotel, Marlow, is the first test video we have taken with our new GoPro Mini-Rig.


The Mini-Rig stabilises a modified GoPro 4 Black Edition camera  allowing us to get great stabilised shots from an aircraft with virtually no set up time or other specialised equipment. The camera, a GoPro 4 Black Edition is fitted with a high quality corrected glass lens so it produces crisp ‘straight’ video at HD or even 4K quality! (The image above is not a photograph but a video frame!)

This system will allow us to offer customers aerial video at virtually the same price as aerial photography!

The video is perfect for use on the web or on an ipad, for larger presentation we would suggest the video be filmed using our full size stabilisation rig. For this video we shot around five minutes of raw video then edited it down to one and a half minutes, this is the ideal length for presentation of a specific building, a whole site or complex via the internet. Add some music, titles or even a voice over and you have a marketing tool that would usually cost tens of thousands to produce for as little as £600!

Click to watch the video