New 4K Ultra Video


Capturing steady aerial video is an enormously difficult undertaking requiring specialised equipment and lots of experience. Over the years Above All Images have sought out the very best equipment and have consistently improved the video we produce.


One of the most difficult aspects of aerial video is the requirement to zoom into a subject. This causes two things to happen. As the camera zooms in, the stabilisation becomes harder to achieve as the deflection angle becomes more pronounced, ruining the shot. Most companies achieve zoom in post production. The second issue is weight shift, caused by the extending lens, this puts the gimbal out of balance and further reduces the stabilisation.

Now we are pleased to announce that we have taken another step forward and are now able to offer stabilised aerial video that we are able to zoom on camera.

We’ve invested in a specialised high end Sony video camera utilising Sony’s professional video log format in 4K Ultra HD that produces breath-taking clarity and colour rendition, making this the clearest and most detailed video we have ever offered.

Tests on the camera have also shown that superior night time video can be produced utilising the large 1” stacked Sony sensor.

Our gimbal system has been updated, with stronger, faster motors and built in remote camera controls including zoom control with constant adjustable speed. The lens weight shift issue has also been solved due to the camera’s internal balanced lens system.

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