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London Night Time Aerial Photography


On occasions we get asked to provide something outside the ‘normal’ aerial image and this job was one of those times. We were asked to provide a very high resolution dusk image of the London skyline taking in Tower Bridge to the east and St Paul’s to the west, a very wide area indeed.

The first thing to organise was the high resolution camera, in the end we opted for the latest Nikon D800 with a 36Mpx sensor. This camera was chosen due to its D3 heritage (the D3 has proved itself time and time again in low light conditions).

Using a balance of ISO and Shutter Speed and the fastest Nikon lens we have, we were able to take images into the late evening and captured some beautiful images of our capital city including the sunset reflecting off the newly built Shard building.

The final aerial photography image is to be blown up and printed at around 3 metres (width) and displayed in our customers’ sales and operations centre.