Latest Video & Drone Developments

Camera Systems, Stabilised Video & Drone Technology

Above All Images has always been at the cutting edge of aerial photography and as new technology has come along we’ve always been keen to integrate it into our workflow to enhance what we can offer to our customers. Originally of course, we worked with film, using large rolls of 120 & 220 film in our Bronica systems. But as the digital age dawned we were first in the queue for the Fuji S1 digital camera and then we moved over to Nikon using the D1, D2Xs and the D3, we now use the D800 series cameras to provide stunningly detailed imagery.

Aerial Video
On the video front we have developed our own full size electronically stabilised 3 axis gimbal that is adaptable for whichever airframe is required. The system allows for video to be shot at 1080p HD and incorporates full manual control and zoom.

Aerial Video Development
As demand for video has grown it has become obvious that a market exists for a more competitive aerial video product. Our recent trip to Bangkok took us to see a cutting edge electronics company with the intent to develop a truly portable aerial video system that could be matched with high end optics to offer 4K aerial video as easily as using a camera to produce photography! Anyone who has used a video system in an aircraft will understand the challenge we face to achieve this. The good news is we have tested the system in Thailand and are getting fantastic results. For instance the start up time for the system is under ten seconds from picking it up out of the camera bag! More to come on this together with some demo videos once we are back in the UK.

Aerial Drone Systems
We have also turned our attention to an emerging new technology – the aerial drone. Above All Images has invested in two of the industries leading professional drone systems and fitted both with stunning 4K video cameras and high resolution digital imaging systems. We will also be testing an airborne FLIR Thermal Imaging (TI) camera system that the drones can carry. Testing and pilot training will commence on our return to the UK together with an application for CAA approval for commercial drone activity.

All of these new systems will provide our customers with a wide choice of aerial products with the benefit of very competitive pricing and all available from a company you know and trust.

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