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Gatwick Aerial Photography Challenge

Flying near to any International airport to conduct aerial photography is always going to be difficult and involve a lot of negotiation and planning.


So when we were asked to try to fly and photograph some development land at the end of the runway at Gatwick, we knew it would be a challenge. And when I say at the end of the runway – I mean it! The landing commercial airliners fly over this area every 30 seconds at a height of 100 feet just prior to touch-down.

Working with Swanwick Air Traffic Control Services (NATS) and the Director of Operations at Gatwick as well as the Tower Control staff, we managed to get a flight into this area and get the job done, with absolutely no disruption to Gatwick’s traffic flow. In the 30 seconds we were allowed we managed to fly both sides of the target and supplied the client with over sixty aerial photography images. The clients reaction – “Brilliant, thanks Ian”.

A special thanks to all the professionals that made this flight possible.