First Drone Flights

Above All Images has now taken delivery of two ‘state of the art’ aerial drones, both fitted with 4K video capability and high resolution digital cameras. Today we test flew one of them as we embark on a training program that will result in CAA certification, allowing us to offer drone imagery as a commercial product.


The drones are limited to a ceiling of 400’agl which is sufficient to provide imagery for most situations. Both video and still images can be recorded onto the on-board memory card allowing an efficient use of the limited flight time. The drone can be prepared and ready for flight in less than five minutes, once in the air, it beams HD video back to the pilot and camera operator allowing precise footage to be shot and perfectly aligned images to be taken. The camera has a range of high definition lenses that allow a choice of focal length and zoom capability.

Our test flight today consisted of some basic flight manoeuvres and some precise height over water flying resulting in stunning imagery that made the most of the smooth water and reflections. We also tested the vertical capability as well as gathering a series of stereo images for 3D viewing. The next flight will concentrate on filming a single point on the ground whilst flying 360 degrees around it, allowing us to judge the accuracy of the automated features.

Please click this link to watch the video

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