Britain from the Air Exhibition

Above All Images is proud to be a contributor to the Britain from the Air Exhibition.  The image of South Kensington as featured in the Evening Standard article (below) was taken by Ian Hay of Above All Images.

The Britain from the Air exhibition has come to London and will be sited at the Royal Geographical Society in Kensington Gore.

The exhibition features unique outdoor aerial imagery showing Britain’s incredible natural and human landscapes from a unique viewpoint.

The exhibition is free to attend and presents the images as large prints allowing the public to see and appreciate the incredible detail each image has to offer. The best aerial photographers in the UK were invited to submit work to the exhibition and Above All Images has provided over two hundred stunning photographs, many of which have been used in the exhibition itself as well as the supporting literature.

One of our photographs of the Lake District has also been chosen as the membership image for the Royal Geographical Society.

The London Kensington exhibition is open from May 12th to July 12Th 2016, having been previously shown in Bath, Oxford, Chatham, Edinburgh and Leeds and seen by an audience of over five million people from the UK and around the world.

The images are presented as prints some one and a half metres across housed in weatherproof outdoor frame and even lit for viewing in the evening. The images are spread out along Kensington Gore allowing the audience to stroll from one image to the next. The whole emphasis is designed to provide a calm, easy to view experience that attracts both young and old. Many people can be heard discussing experiences or visits when viewing the images. One group of climbers were even pointing out the route they used to climb Suilven in the Scottish Highlands, the subject of one of the images. The exhibition provides a fascinating insight to the British Isles and the varied landscape that most of us just drive by!

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