Big Screen Film Work

Above All Images – chosen to provide stabilised aerial video footage for the big screen.

The Big Screen
Our new aerial video system is now up and running. And it’s proved itself time and time again by supplying rock solid aerial footage to our regular customers. Now it’s attracted the attention of the big screen!

Above All Images were asked if we could provide video work of a high enough standard for a movie screen, so we undertook a test flight over central London to find out. We proved that our aerial camera system was within specification for the film work the customer wanted. We were then contracted to provide the film work. Filmed at 4K, the video footage consisting of twelve specific locations around central London.

Each location had to be filmed in two specific ways. A static hover shot followed by a pre-planned tracking shot in accordance with the directors requirements. Much to my delight we nailed each site with a single take! Our system allows for instant playback so each ‘take’ can be analysed and approved before moving onto the next. This is a great facility that takes all the guesswork out of getting the right shot. If the specific angle isn’t right it can be redone without the need for a landing and review meeting.

The footage was taken from a twin turbine Squirrel helicopter on a perfect ‘blue’ day showcasing a sunny London at its very best. The helicopter allowed us to get close in to the sites for the hovering shots, which ended up so stable they looked like a photograph – except for the moving traffic and people!

Whilst this flight required us to film in 4K, our normal specification is to film in HD 1920×1080 at 50 frames per second which provides a super smooth fluid result which is easy to work with using a standard PC or Apple set up.

If you or your company are considering using  aerial video in sales e-brochures or web presentations or any other use including advertising please contact us. Our aerial video work is undertaken at very competitive rates or visit our new aerial video stock site at Above All Video

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