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Ascot Aerial Photography

Above All Images has just undertaken a contract to provide vertical aerial photography Ascot race course in Berkshire during Ascot week. The contract required the whole course be photographed vertically using a 36Mpix digital camera to produce an image 7360 pixels wide.




We had to wait for the perfect day with clear air down to the course from an altitude of 7500’. We also had to negotiate with both the security services (as the Queen was attending) and air traffic control to allow us to overfly the venue. The flight took off from Stapleford Airport and was admitted into the airways above London and finally positioned above the site and above the airliners using Heathrow Airport. We performed two ‘runs’ over the site and managed to get the exact aerial photography the client required.

As we left the area, we asked the controller at Heathrow if we could pass over the airport and take some aerial photography of the airport, after a few moments they cleared us to the Heathrow ‘overhead’ where we managed to get a stunning series of shots.