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We Specialise in the Flying & Production of 4K Stabilised Aerial Video – – – Both Day & Night Shoots Available – – – Add the Extra ‘Wow’ Factor to Presentations with Stunning 4K Stabilised Aerial Video

Stabilised 4K & HD Aerial Video

Above All Images now offers fully stabilised 4K & HD aerial video. Ideal for use in e-brochures, web presentations and web sites. Traditionally, aerial video has attracted huge costs. Due to the set up and operator overheads a shoot over London can typically reach the £5-6k mark! We’ve taken a different approach. By designing a bespoke stabilised aerial video system in house, we can pass on substantial savings. Our customers can expect to pay half the going rate for the same shoot! The system provides such clear and steady video that we have even undertaken shoots for the cinema screen, with our video being integrated into a movie!


Our ‘state-of-the-art’ stabilised aerial video system can provide our customers with fluid smooth 4K & HD quality aerial video at a fraction of the normal cost. The video is provided as a series of un-edited clips ready for your editor to create your unique movie. It allows you to showcase your site or building from a unique point of view, further enhanced with close ups and wide sweeping shots of the whole area.


Need an edited full featured video?

No problem – We also work in partnership with one of the UK’s leading aerial video editing and production companies who take our raw video and create stunning corporate videos complete with music, designed graphics and even professional voiceovers.

For further information about this exciting media call us on: 01353 649998.