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We Specialise in the Flying & Production of 4K Stabilised Aerial Video – – – Both Day & Night Shoots Available – – – Add the Extra ‘Wow’ Factor to Presentations with Stunning 4K Stabilised Aerial Video

Aerial Video Photography

Above All Images now offers stabilised aerial video, for use in e-brochures, Web presentations and Web sites.

We have invested in a state-of-the-art video stabilisation rig to provide our customers with liquid smooth 4K & HD quality aerial video at a fraction of the normal cost. The aerial video end product is provided as a series of raw clips (un-edited) and is in .Mov or MP4 format and filmed at 4K or HD at 25fps, showing the site or building from all angles, further enhanced with wide sweeping shots.




Our ‘state-of-the-art’ aerial video stabilisation rig allows us to film from a wide variety of airframes to suit customer needs. The ultimate airframe for aerial video is the helicopter with its unique ability to hover, track slowly or fast and even fly backwards, this allows for a wide range of aerial video shots. Shooting video from an aircraft is unique to us, it creates a fast moving ‘urgent’ feel to the final product and it’s the most cost effective way to get airborne video.

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