Aerial Video – The Answer

The problem with aerial video has always been the sheer cost.

You have to rent an expensive camera, a helicopter, an engineer to fit the camera and a specialist cameraman to operate it, and it all costs money – well that was until now!

Above All Images Ltd have designed and built a stabilised aerial video rig that allows us to provide rock solid aerial video right up to 4K, and at a price that is similar to what you would expect to pay for aerial photography. Indeed, we can even provide video and photography on the same flight, reducing costs even further.

We are now able to provide liquid smooth aerial video, filmed to show your site in its best light along with nearby buildings, road networks and local attractions.

Our system can be operated from our specially converted Cessna 172 (outside London) or from either a single or twin helicopter within the London (air) control zone. We can provide both 4K (3840 x 2160/25fps) or HD (1920 x 1080/50fps) in either .Mov or MP4 formats giving you a huge choice of video look and feel.

We can film during the day to take advantage of bright sunshine or at dusk to reveal stunning night-time city vistas full of colour and sparkle. We supply the video as a series of clips on a memory card at your chosen resolution and format, providing a wide range of options for your in-house editor.  The best results and the widest range of filming options are generated when filming from a helicopter, however this system can also be used from an aircraft if budget is the main concern. Stationary, tracking, wide and reveal shots are all possible with the use of a helicopter, enabling your editor to create an attention grabbing aerial video that can be included in websites or e-brochures as well as corporate presentations and site advertising.

The attached video was shot from a Cessna aircraft in bumpy turbulent conditions and has had no post processing stabilisation applied.

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