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4K Ultra Aerial Video

Above All Images is an industry leading provider of professional quality stabilised 4K Ultra aerial video. Ideal for use in e-brochures, web illustration, website content, corporate presentation and television program or movie use.

Using our ‘state-of-the-art’ video stabilisation system we can provide our customers with stunning liquid smooth 4K footage. And at a fraction of the ‘normal‘ cost associated with aerial video. We film at professional rates of 90-100mb/s and deliver the clips unedited. However everything is straightened, motion tracked and colour corrected ready for immediate use. Supplied as mp4 files and filmed at 4K Ultra/25fps, the video is perfect for showcasing your development or building from all angles, together with the local infrastructure and is further enhanced with dramatic wide sweeping shots. Directed by you and filmed day or night.

Sunrise over London

Our aerial stabilisation system is unique and allows us to film from a wide variety of airframes to suit customer needs and budgets. The ultimate airframe for aerial video is the helicopter. With its unique ability to hover, track at different speeds and even fly backwards, it’s the perfect tool for the job. It allows for a wide range of aerial video shots achieved at a variety of heights. Shooting video from an aircraft is something unique to us. Developed with an eye to reducing cost the aircraft creates a fast moving ‘urgent‘ feel to the final product and it’s the most cost effective way to get airborne video across the country.

For further information about this exciting media contact flight operations on: 01353 649998.