Aerial Video Pricing

We offer aerial video from three different aerial platforms:-

Helicopter (Twin) – London – £2200*

Aerial Video shot from a twin engine helicopter (AS350) is the ultimate in flexibility. We can fly lower and have the ability to hover or track very slowly. The camera has a wide field of view in which to operate unobstructed.

Helicopter (Single) – Outside London – £1300*

We can operate a single engine helicopter (R44) outside London with reduced costs but with all the advantages of using a helicopter. This great little helicopter is highly manoeuvrable and smooth making it ideal for aerial video.

Aircraft (Twin) – London – £800*

The twin engine PA34 allows us to provide aerial video in central London at a much reduced cost, however the shots are limited to orbits around the site as the aircraft can’t hover! Having said that, the aerial video we have been able to film from the aircraft has a ‘faster’ feel to it making the footage more dynamic.


*Prices are based on 1 hour minimum hire, extra flight time for positioning is charged at cost.

Aerial video supplied as  HD 1920 x 1080P/50fps .Mov or MP4 or format, un-edited clips.

Video production and editing services are also available, please call 01353 349998 for further details.